Real Life Stories

"I think the biggest one is taking care of yourself as a parent - that’s usually not stressed in any other program that I've seen before"


When Derrick would try to get his three year-old-daughter to transition from one activity to another, she would put up some resistance. Derrick sought out help from a Level 4 Standard Triple P practitioner and through a series of individual sessions he was able to develop some specific techniques and strategies to help his daughter make better transitions.


Morgan videoMorgan wasn’t experiencing anything out of the ordinary with er three-year-old, she just wanted to get some advice on how to address the day-to-day issues that come up. She participated in Group Triple P and found the advice that she received form other parents was helpful.


Jaime videoJaime has two children, an eight-year-old and a teenage. She was concerned about her ability to set health boundaries while keeping the lines of communication open with both of her children. By going through both the level 3 Primary and Teen Triple P sessions she was able to develop a new set of parenting skills.

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