Information on Levels of Triple P

Triple P is designed so that you can self refer to the level that meets your unique situation. All the levels offer advice on how to manage child behavior. Some levels provide training, tip sheets, resources, stress management techniques and skills for building partner support and communication. What’s even more exciting is that all the levels can be used for young children as well as teens.

Level 1
Universal Campaign

Community Outreach and Education

Level 2
Selected Triple

This level provides community seminars and/or brief consultations as well as self help resources. Information focuses on positive skills development, particularly behavior issues or a developmental milestone.

Level 3
Primary Care Triple P

• Age 0-12
• Teenagers
This level deals with identified or emerging behavior problems and entails four 15-minute consultations
with an accredited Triple P Practitioner. Primary Care Triple P provides advice on specific behaviors and
management of mild-to-moderate behavioral or developmental issues.

Level 4
Standard & Group Triple

• Age 0-12
• Teenagers
This level provides information and instruction covering child development, the causes of child behavior
problems, promoting children’s development and positive family relationships. This is an 8-session
program for parents that provides a broad positive parenting education.

Level 4
Stepping Stones

This is a broad focus 10-session program that includes adaptations for parents of pre-adolescent children or children who may experience physical, mental or behavioral challenges. This program includes Triple P parenting training methods and introduces additional strategies drawn from disability research literature.

Level 5
Enhanced Triple P

This level is for families who experience continued difficulties after completing Standard or Group Triple P or might have complicating issues such as parental adjustment and partner support problems. It extends the focus of intervention as required to include skills training, mood management, stress coping skills for parents, partner support and communication skills.

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